If you are a doctor this is a great service to use and there is even an institution version of the app if your hospital subscribes.

Personalized Technology Will Upend the Doctor-Patient


Citrix is used by thousands of hospitals all across the world.

Online Messaging Improves Doctor-Patient Relationships

New smart phone apps help doctors manage pain patients

Want to design and launch custom, native hospital apps quickly.If you got a similar project idea, we are here to build the next BIG thing for you.The app includes questions, instructions, and basic Spanish expressions, directions, vocabulary, conjugation and more.

'Instagram for doctors' lets medics share patient pics

Doctor-Patient Privilege Definition: A proposed prohibition In regards to the disclosure within legal proceedings of communications or records produced privately.Doctor App is now available on all 5 platforms: iPhone, Android, Ipad, BB and Windows.Harbinger has developed Ristcall, a patient care app that brings the patient call-bell and nursing station to smartwatches worn by patients and nurses.

The app will allow you to quickly translate common questions and phrases you would ask or tell a patient.The app includes a free 30 day trial to get a glimpse of the service.You can search for drugs by drug name, active ingredient, manufacturer, form, or drug class.

The app also includes patient reviews, and lets you book an appointment from your phone.

You can search nearby health professionals, and send a message to.

How can technology affect the doctor-patient relationship

Top 15 Mobile Applications for Dental & Oral Health

Often when a person decides to switch their dentist or doctor,. app streamlines the entire process of patient support. of healthcare professionals either.

With over 100,000 mobile health apps now available, physicians now have to handle an increasing amount of constant data and patient information that they did not have.

7 Need to Know Apps for Healthcare Professionals in 2014

The app also includes first aid essentials, conditions, drugs and treatments, a pill identification tool, and local health listings.

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These include the reason for visit, medical background, medical records, diagnosis, and treatment.